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Thank you so much for your immediate replay. I do appreciate it. In the past when I have been thinking about going to Oman and have contacted companies I have not even received a reply. Therefore I will certainly use your company when I visit. At the moment I am not sure of my exact plans but will let you know when I know. If you were to choose say two unmissable tours - what would they be?

Many Thanks
Lou - 13/03/2013

Please accept my apologies for my initial doubts with payment about the different addresses of your company. Now, I am totally convinced that your company is not only a company one can trust, but also a company which organises unforgettable tours in Oman. Your program was particularly well timed, with every day something more interesting and enjoyable than the day before. And my guide / driver was a very cheerful person, and very helpful. I thank you for these so enjoyable holidays. I wish you all the best.

Best regards
Jean-Christophe Zwick - 15/02/13

We are back from our second excursion, Wahiba sands. It definitely was a new experience, and we are very satisfied with both trips.
I must mention that the tour guide you assigned to us, Adel, was a very nice person, who took every care to make us comfortable. Also, he could explain things well in English, which helped a lot to make the two days a more exciting learning experience as well.  Most of all, unlike many other encounters with locals, he was punctual in picking us up, which is a great quality we appreciate !
All in all, we have nothing but to say Thank You for arranging both trips for us, and we look forward to seeing more of Oman with your tours, in time to come.
On to the improvements side, may be if you could customize trips to include more places in one go, while cutting down on time, may be useful for people like us who have limited time to see it all ! 

Thanks and best wishes,

My overall experience … I love Oman, perhaps my new favorite country.  The history, nature, people, what I know of the Sultan, how the country embraces its religion.  All of it and all of the sites and activities.
If a business in my industry (financial services, wealth management, investments, etc.) were looking for an employee like me, I’d be there in a heartbeat!
The end of our tour was a bit loose … Adil met us after Salalah on Thursday, we thought he’d be our Guide in Muscat but he didn’t have a program.  So that was moved to Friday, but he sent his colleague Nasser Al-Habsi instead.  And then nobody knew about a transfer to the airport til the last minute.  But Nasser Al-Habsi was great, absolutely perfect and provided excellent solutions.
We enjoyed Empty Quarter camping.  So different than anything we’ve ever done.  Our Guide was Hassan (the cousin of Mussallem) and more than we could have hoped for.  He gave us everlasting memories.
From my daughter Katja:  “It was amazing.”  From my daughter Lila:  “It was very nice, and very interesting, and I learned a lot of things.”  And the Omani people seemed quite fond of my daughters too.
So, that’s my summary.  I’d love to return and do hope you’ll keep in touch Shiv … especially if you learn of financial services professionals seeking Americans .

All the best,  

Back home now after nearly 3 weeks away. It really was quite unforgetable and was one of the best holidays we ever had.  Thank you for putting this trip together for us.  We had no trouble at the airport in Muscat with the tickets and tore up your credit card copy.  Had thought of upgrading to business (only joking).
We loved it so much we are thinking of coming back again next year.  Every place we went to was different and had something special about it.
Sulliman in Muscat and Salim in Salalah were great and could not have been more helpful to us.
Once more many thanks.

Kindest regards,
Susan and Earl

On behalf of my wife and myself I would like to extend a sincere thank you to you and your team at Oman World Tourism for a wonderful holiday. It was truly a dream come true for us. We had read a lot about Oman prior to our visit, but what we had experienced during our entire stay, far surpassed all our expectations.

The sheer diversity of Oman's beauty is mind boggling. From Khasab to Muscat, Nizwa, Wahiba Sands and Ras Al Hadd, the landscape each day was breathtaking and completely different. One day we found ourselves in the mountains, the next day in the desert and the day after by the sea. Oman is not only blessed with so many natural wonders but its amazing people, culture and history made this a complete experience for us.

Our trip was made even more special because of OWT's professionalism and personal service. You went out of your way to make Oman very special for us and you succeeded. We always felt comfortable knowing that we were in very good hands.

Saeed's experience and knowledge of Oman made our 3 days spent with him even more fulfilling. His insights into the history and culture of Oman were excellent. We saw more than we could have imagined in that short time. Saeed was more than our guide - he became our friend. Thank you Saeed!

Similarly our guide Ali in Khasab was excellent as well.

We also appreciated Bruce's time spent with us on our arrival in Muscat. He showed us around the city and the souk. This was very kind and more than we expected. And Issa thank you for being so flexible and accommodating and making changes at the last minute so that we feel more comfortable

This individual service and attention to detail, sets OWT apart from the rest. You took away the stress and worry, so that we could relax and enjoy you wonderful country. You have done Oman proud.

My wife and I are very sad to have left Oman. But we hope to come back very soon and make Oman our annual holiday destination.

Thank you to Issa, Bruce and Saeed for our wonderful stay in Oman.

Mahomed, Fathima Baccus.

Thank you for the wonderful day out, the camping trip was well organized, filled with activities and all handled in a professional manner. I would like to also thank you for you choice of Hotel/ Resort, Al Nahda Resort was an excellent choice! Rooms were good, service was excellent and the whole ambience of the hotel was excellent, something you wouldn’t expect to find here.

All in all, a good job done!

Jamal Saif Al Azki

Hi guys
Thank you very much for everything. I really enjoyed my visit to Oman for the following reasons:
  1. You made it very easy for me to reach my holiday objectives and to do the things I really wanted to do.
  2. Oman is a clean, safe, simple and intact country to visit.
  3. The Omani people are friendly and make you feel welcome.
  4. It is a very scenic country with contrasts from mountains, to ocean to desert, each to be enjoyed separately.
  5. Although the Rial/Rand exchange rate is unfavourable it is not too expensive to make it possible and to really have a good time.
  6. I think it is worth the name “Pearl of the Arabian Continent”
  7. The weather was good…..perhaps even too cool for me!
  8. Enough time to relax and rest due to the lifestyle and pace.
  9. That I could travel on camel back through the Wahiba Sands with a Bedouin all on my own……a dream came true!
  10. The bull fight was good and any time worth the effort.
  11. I enjoyed Ali’s company and all the information I could gather from him.
  12. To have had the use of a car……although I did not use it a lot it was very convenient to have available.
  13. Your “help-line”!!

Keep contact and thank you very, very much again for your very kind hospitality and friendship which I really appreciated more than you can think. You expressed your interest and passion for your clients by constructively focusing on their needs and by addressing someone’s (like me) specific needs.

Go well and best wishes to all.

Will you also specifically convey my sincere thanks to Issa? I am sorry I did not meet him in person….perhaps next time.

Kind regards.
Dr Hannes Loots