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Canyoning 1 - Snake Canyon
Enjoy Snake Canyon from a different angle, the bottom up!


Canyoning 2 - Snake Canyon l Fork2 Canyoning & Abseiling
Abseil waterfalls, jump into crystal clear pools, swim and scramble through the real point of no return "Snake canyon".


 Canyoning 3 - Wadi Tiwi Canyoning & Abseiling
Enjoy canyoning and abseiling in one of the most beautiful Wadis of Oman


Canyoning 4 - Wadi Ta'ab Canyoning & Abseiling
Get ready for a dive in one of the unknown treasures of Oman!


Giant Abseil - Jabal Shams  Abseiling
On top of the biggest mountain in Oman you will abseil 150m "free hanging" above the ground.


Caving I - Al Hoota Abseiling
Abseil into a beautiful cave near Al Hoota and explore the stunning huge calcite formation.


Caving II - 7th hole l Selma Plateau Abseiling & Climbing
Descend into one of the biggest cave chamber in Oman.