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Desert Camps

We feature all major hotels in Oman from budgeted accommodation to luxury and stylish hotels. Below are list of our preferred hotels, and if your choice of accommodation is not listed below please feel free to contact us.

Desert Camps - Wahiba Sands

Sama Al Wasil Camp

Sama Al Wasil Desert Camp - Standard Camp

Sama Al Wasil tourist camp is located in Wilayat Al Wasil in the Sharqiya Region approximately KM250 from the capital Muscat. One of the best maintained camps with private huts accommodation with private bathrooms giving you the taste and feel of living in the desert while comfort is provided! The GPS coordinators for SAMA Al Wasil Camp: N 22* 22 230, E 58* 42 058. To best experience Wahiba Sands desert we recommend an over night guided tour. Self drive options are available too.

Desert Nights Camp

Desert Nights Camp - Luxury Camp

Captured the ambience without compromising on comfort. Desert Nights Camp comprises several Bedouin-style tents, fully air-conditioned, with bedrooms, attached bath and a cozy sit-out. All units open out to panoramic vistas across the golden sands.